IRG & Law Enforcement

IRG’s goal for working with law enforcement is to supplement cultural diversity training in law enforcement agencies as well as ensure the safety and security of Muslims in the current political climate. Our strategy for achieving this goal is to familiarize law enforcement with Islam and Muslim culture by teaching protocols for interaction with Muslims.

Our most effective process is 2 to 4 hours of cultural competency training titled “Working with the American Muslim Community”, which we conduct through existing law enforcement diversity training programs.

The first part of our presentation immediately engages police officers with a brainstorm on commonly held perceptions of Islam and Muslims. After participants have had a chance to express their feelings about the subject; we begin to describe the true Muslim identity, general sources of perceptions, and protocols for interaction with Muslim individuals and institutions.

If you are interested in inviting guest speakers to your agency, please contact us at (612) 460-0165 or email us at You may also schedule a speaker on our website at Speaker Request Form.

IRG & the Media

One of our most valued processes for achieving our goal is to initially conduct a face-to-face meeting between Muslims and media executives and senior editors. This format provides an opportunity for each side to get to know one another on an intimate level, opening the door to an honest exchange of ideas and perspectives. These meetings serve as a starting point in establishing a long-term relationship.

Other successful IRG processes in this area include conducting educational media campaigns around the time of Ramadan and Hajj that describe Islamic religious beliefs & practices; immediately responding to events related to Islam by giving voice to Muslim views; conducting educational seminars for media executives and reporters on issues of importance to Muslims; participating in media community advisory boards; and, producing public service announcements. The above strategies result in 30 or more new news items a year.

Introduction to IRG

In today’s world, people of all faiths are sensing the need to come together, learn more about each other, and share our commonalities while understanding our differences.

At the Islamic Resource Group, we feel the key to understanding is education and dialogue. To this end, we have created a series of customizable presentations designed to educate the public about the religion of Islam and its 1.5 billion adherents.

Our trained volunteer speakers make these presentations in a manner that follows the First Amendment freedoms, while answering questions about this important topic.

IRG speakers represent various professional, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds, and are certified after a rigorous process of training, testing, and observation by veteran speakers.

Islamic Resource Group (IRG) is a nonprofit/ tax-exempt educational organization, based in Minneapolis & St. Paul. IRG delivers presentations relating to Islam and Muslims following the Islamic Networks Group (ING) model. IRG’s presentations are conducted through its Minnesota Islamic Speakers Bureau (MN ISB) program. IRG is a local affiliate of ING, the leading national outreach institution providing education about Islam and Muslims since 1993.


IRG’s mission is to build bridges of understanding between Minnesota Muslims and the broader Minnesota community  through education.


IRG & Schools

IRG’s goal in working with schools is to supplement education about Islam & Muslims in the context of social studies and world history, as well as give a human face to the fastest growing faith in America. Our strategy for achieving this goal is face-to-face interaction between trained and certified Muslim speakers and school children and teachers.

Each year, IRG delivers presentations to approximately 300 private and public school classrooms. At teacher’s invitation, the speakers give a presentation, which combines a formal presentation using transparencies with an informal interaction with the students.

Our most requested presentation titled, “Orientation on Islam and Muslims” begins with an introduction to the Islamic greeting, “assalamu alaikum.” Then the presentation covers Islamic history, demographics, culture vs. Islam, Islamic beliefs and practices and how they relate to everyday life in America, and ends with Islamic holidays and celebrations. In addition, speakers may tailor their presentation to cover broader topics such as social issues for American teens, women and families, stereotypes and perceptions, and conflicts around the world involving Muslims.