IRG & Schools

IRG’s goal in working with schools is to supplement education about Islam & Muslims in the context of social studies and world history, as well as give a human face to the fastest growing faith in America. Our strategy for achieving this goal is face-to-face interaction between trained and certified Muslim speakers and school children and teachers.

Each year, IRG delivers presentations to approximately 300 private and public school classrooms. At teacher’s invitation, the speakers give a presentation, which combines a formal presentation using transparencies with an informal interaction with the students.

Our most requested presentation titled, “Orientation on Islam and Muslims” begins with an introduction to the Islamic greeting, “assalamu alaikum.” Then the presentation covers Islamic history, demographics, culture vs. Islam, Islamic beliefs and practices and how they relate to everyday life in America, and ends with Islamic holidays and celebrations. In addition, speakers may tailor their presentation to cover broader topics such as social issues for American teens, women and families, stereotypes and perceptions, and conflicts around the world involving Muslims.