HR and Corporate Managers


This seminar begins with a conversation about common stereotypes and other barriers faced by Muslims in the workplace citing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports and other experiences in workplace environment. This is followed by an overview of Muslim traditions and practices, pertinent contemporary issues, and their implications for Muslim employees, co-workers and clients. The seminar will also address tips and strategies for preventing discrimination, as well steps towards building an inclusive and productive work environment where all employees can perform their best.


  • Cultural awareness and development of cultural competency skills for working with American Muslim employees, co-workers and clients.
    A competitive, global organization that capitalizes on the talents of people from diverse backgrounds.
    Higher employee morale, retention and referral rates and a more cohesive workforce.
    Compliance with state and federal employment mandates.
    Prevention of religious discrimination charges.
  • Audience

    Corporate executives, human resources managers, diversity professionals, and other key department directors and leaders.