Law Enforcement Officers

IRG’s goal for working with law enforcement is to supplement cultural diversity training in law enforcement agencies as well as ensure the safety and security of Muslims in the current political climate. Our strategy for achieving this goal is to familiarize law enforcement with Islam and Muslim culture by teaching protocols for interaction with Muslims.

Our most effective process is 2 to 4 hours of cultural competency training titled “Working with the American Muslim Community”, which we conduct through existing law enforcement diversity training programs.

The first part of our presentation engages police officers with an exercise in brainstorming common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. We then present the core teachings of Islam, provide clarity about what Muslims believe, and discuss how their practice of the faith impacts police-community relations. Officers will walk away understanding culturally appropriate ways to interact with Muslim individuals and institutions.

If you are interested in inviting guest speakers to your agency, please contact us at (612) 460-0165 or email us at You may also schedule a speaker on our website at Speaker Request Form.