I was impressed by the speakers' professionalism and also how they were very comfortable speaking to us (a group of catholic, girl, high schoolers).

High school student, Mendota Heights
The man who spoke about Islam/Muslims. A very huge eye-opener for me on how similar many of their beliefs are to Christianity. He had a very serious topic to discuss and yet kept it very light and easy to understand. Really appreciate having insight into many other cultures and ways of life. I think the more informed the staff are the better we will be at diversity and the understanding of how ALL the kids live their lives! Very important.

[IRG Speaker] was fantastic!  The students really appreciated her a great deal.  She was incredibly articulate, knowledgeable, and an engaging communicator.  A great suggestion!  We’d love to have her back in the future if it works in her schedule next Fall.  Again, thank you so much for providing this service…we are incredibly grateful!

High school teacher, Chaska
"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed hearing the presentation by the speakers. They did a wonderful job of sharing religion and culture in a way that related to the audience. Both were so engaging! They were very comfortable answering questions and interacting with the audience"

St. Peter Community Center
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