IRG Ambassadors

IRG Ambassadors are advocates and supporters of IRG’s mission. Ideally, Ambassadors have worked closely with IRG in the past and have direct knowledge of IRG programs as well as personal experience with IRG speakers.

Ambassadors may take on one or more of the following roles:

  • Assist IRG in expanding and strengthening relationships with its partners and audiences
  • Act as community liaisons by providing information about IRG’s core programming to interested parties
  • Help IRG identify needs and craft new services
  • Organize, participate in, and host IRG gatherings and information sessions
  • Promote IRG programs in and outside their communities through testimonials, social media, and personal connections.

IRG Board of Directors stays in close touch with Ambassadors and offers its full support for any of the activities listed above.

If you are interested in working with IRG as an Ambassador, please contact us at