Recommended Books for Your Classroom

Educators often contact IRG for book recommendations. Sometimes the need is for non-fiction books that provide accurate information about Islam and Muslims that teachers can use to supplement the textbooks. Often times there is also a need for fictional stories that include Muslim characters.

IRG’s Teacher Resources Department has formed a committee to monitor relevant books as they are published and to review them for recommendation. You can find the current list of recommended books under the various grade levels and categories below. This list is updated often as more books are reviewed.

Once you find a book you are interested in, you can obtain it in three ways:

  • Click on the “Buy now at” button at the bottom of the page to order it directly from Amazon’s online bookstore
  • Click on the “Search Local Libraries” button to see if your local libraries (or bookstores) carry it for you to borrow (or buy)
  • Click on the “Borrow from IRG” button to borrow it from IRG. We will do our best, as our resources allow, to loan the book to you if it is not available in your local library.


Books organized by grade level:


Books organized by subject: