The gathering was excellent. People remained after the formal meeting to chat with the presenters. I think we all learned a lot. The IRG speaker was an erudite and highly informative speaker. I believe the effect he had on our community was very positive with regard to misconceptions about Islam.
Thank you so much for arranging this for us. We hope this can be the beginning of a continuing relationship with the Islamic Resource Center.

Maple Grove
It was a wonderful presentation. [IRG speaker] did a fantastic job, the audience was really engaged, and she made it very easy to ask all sorts of questions, as she is very approachable

Dakota Technical College
Your presentations are always an important part of my semester. On my Human Relations midterm, students are asked to provide an example of a paradigm and a paradigm shift. I graded half of the exams and numerous students have listed their initial thoughts of Islam as a paradigm and their understanding after hearing you as a paradigm shift. That's very cool. Thanks again for your help in my classes.

College Professor, Dakota Technical College
[IRG speaker] did a very good job in presenting / representing Islam.  He spoke about his personal experience and did well to share his knowledge of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in the US. The students learned a lot, were highly engaged and were disappointed when we had to end the session.

St. Paul school teacher
The speaker was cool. He explained the stuff good. I learned more about Islam. He gave an interesting speech. I didn't go to sleep. It was good. There you go!

Student, Minneapolis high school
Thank you so much for sending two speakers to our school! We benefited immensely from the experiences! The kids had so much interaction left after your presentations that they wrote you letters of thanks and of inquiry. Thank you so much for what IRG is doing in the community.

Teacher, Elk River
Thank you for giving me a different perspective on the world.

Student, Shir Tikvah Synagogue
Hats off to a recent Edina Community Education presentation “Everything You Wanted to Know About Islam and Muslims.” This was a great opportunity to learn some basic facts about Islam and Muslims. The one-night presentation was incredibly interesting and informative.

Resident, Edina
All the speakers you sent did a wonderful job of telling their stories and presenting their cultures.  They really were great educators and teachers. Thank you so very much for partnering with us - your members have really enriched our experience here on campus.

Concordia University
In terms of having good rapport with the students, [the IRG speaker] gets 11 out of 10!

High school teacher, St. Paul