Episode 3 – Nora Sadek


City of Residence:

Duluth, MN


Student at the Duluth Medical School


“What I’ve really love about Minnesota and Minnesotans is that they are very curious. But I know that hard core Norwegian, you know, kinda like, “We don’t wanna be offensive, we don’t wanna like push on anybody’s toes” that sometimes we miss asking the questions or I think we miss some of the dialogs that we should be having. Because we are trying to be overly polite and, you know, that “Minnesota nice.” Also I feel that because like how I describe Minnesota is like, you know, we have to love each other, we really do. Because when you’re out and you’re stuck in a ditch somewhere, you better help a brother out, you know [laughs]. So, we have, Minnesotans have that wonderful connection with each other because of the environment that we live in. And we know how it is to struggle, you know, way more than the other states.

When people are faced with something that’s totally different from how they’re raised or how their world view is, it takes maybe a different type of approach and appreciation of that to be able to be welcomed in that environment. But it’s also an amazing learning experience for everyone. I learned so much from my peers and from all the students and faculty and staff that I’ve been at in different institutions. And they’ve helped me to grow in many ways as a person as I hope I have helped them to grow.”

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