Episode 4 – Yaser Ishtaiwi


City of Residence:

Spring Lake Park, MN


Product Development Engineer and Army National Guard Officer


“I joined the Army National Guard in 1992 and since that time I have been committed to the Guard. Right now, I have a family and I’m still committed to the Guard and everything I did before. I served two years in Iraq, between 2005 to 2007, with the Red Bulls Minnesota Army National Guard. And right now I work with my engineering degree as a product development engineer in one of the leading companies in Minnesota.

My family has long ties with the United States. My grandfather from my mom’s side came to the States in 1935 and he worked here for a while. My mom’s cousin actually was a captain in the US army serving in Vietnam in 1966. When I came, I came in ’89 to continue education, and that’s the reason I came. Originally I am from a city 10 miles north of Jerusalem in what’s called the West Bank, Palestine right now.

I am a strong supporter of Muslim integration in this society: bring down all the walls, talk to your neighbors, make business with your neighbors or people that you know if you have common ground of a business ideas and things like that.

I myself like to support and help. Working with the Muslim community is something that I love to do from early time I came here to the States, because to find a place where you feel that you are not a stranger, you have to connect with your community.”

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