Episode 7 – Ghulam Haniff


City of Residence:

St. Cloud, MN


Professor Emeritus at St. Cloud State University


“There are probably two types of struggles for Muslims at this point in time. One is the stigma attached to—to Islam and to anything that has to do with Islam and of course to Muslims in general… because of these unfortunate events that took place in 1993 and 2001. Also the constant articulation of Islamophobia, not only in Minnesota, but throughout the nation. Perhaps there is less Islamophobia in Minnesota than in other places.

The other struggle is… is raising their children. Perhaps, I have given you sort of a nice view of how this transmission is taking place, but it is not all that easy to teach children who are growing up, an Islamic identity and to help them to maintain Islamic orientation, Islamic worldview. It is not very easy to do, and it is a struggle.”

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