Episode 8 – Sara Shahsavand


City of Residence:

Blaine, MN


Teacher, Principal


“The greatest achievement, I believe it is what I mentioned a few times how we have become so active in the community, teaching about Islam. I think that’s very, very important. And it has been a big achievement, I believe. I enjoy seeing what IRG has done in Minnesota, being an organized group among us Muslims. But also in a small, each masjid how they do, I know our masjid gets involved a lot with the Jewish community and then other groups, other societies here in the Twin Cities. So I think that’s a big achievement.

Because some communities, I believe, they stick too much to their own. I believe in Minnesota we haven’t done that. So we are learning from each other, we’re learning respect, we’re learning to live together and at the same time maintaining ourselves, not that we are changing Islam. So I believe that’s something very important, that we are very active, that we are very involved and that helps the community.”

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