Episode 9 – Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid


City of Residence:

Fridley, MN


Diversity Consultant


“And so there is some difference in theology there; so on the one hand, there are going to be things that are really common and similar about what we believe and what we share; and then there are going to be some things that are different. So, IRG has been really masterful in being able to navigate, highlighting those pieces that are in common, that we share, and then pointing out those areas that we’re different, but respecting and valuing both. That’s just, to me— that’s the solution to 99% of our issues, right now. And it just taught me that everyone is not the same, that people have different outlooks on life, people have different experiences; you can’t—you can’t judge them without knowing their background and their history.”

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Podcast (full length):


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